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Why use an energy broker?

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Why us?

Strata Energy Services have become the leading strata energy brokers nationally, with over 210 clients, 35,000 meters under management and have saved our clients over $23 million.


How do we save you money?

We gain significant cost savings through our energy procurement, comparing the market during the tendering process for multi-site small and large market deals.  Our strong energy retailer relationships and extensive knowledge enables us to secure the best deals for our clients.

Cost savings are important, but also providing green energy options and finding energy efficiency solutions is part of our value add.  Helping strata committees reduce their carbon footprint whilst saving money is the key to our success!


How do we save you time?

We are the conduit between the energy retailer and the strata committee and can answer all your difficult energy questions.  We also spend time comparing the market and negotiating with energy retailers and managing your energy usage.  We free up your time, so that you can focus on running your business.


Energy knowledge and advice

Our expert team, with dedicated account managers, have extensive knowledge and understanding of the energy market.  We can provide advice on when to tender, help you understand your energy usage, and guide you through our sustainable energy products.

If you need help managing the complexities of the energy market and want to save your Strata Managers time and your committees money – please call us or email info@strataenergyservices.com.au to find out how.



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