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Portfolio Management

At Strata Energy Services you will get a dedicated client relationship manager for your whole portfolio. Our staff come from the Strata industry and understand the challenges.

We take the responsibility of your energy Portfolio Management

Our dedicated Account Managers ensure that you won’t ever need to hold for an energy retailer again. We provide peace of mind and ongoing maintenance of your energy contracts to ensure no building ends up on default rates.

Facts & Figures

Proven track record

We have a proven track record in Strata and continue to grow our portfolio nationally.

Featured Benefits

Our dedicated Account Management Team will manage your energy portfolio, they will monitor your contract expiry dates for you and ensure the negotiated rates are passed on in your bills

No more calls to retailers

Management of all changes to electricity and gas accounts

Prompt response times

Ongoing management of roll ins and roll outs

Blend & extend options

Data collection for new clients

Tender management

Clear and concise responses to your questions

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