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Simplifying Energy
for Strata!

We ensure our clients receive cost effective supplier contracts in a complex and variable market.

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Strata Energy services?

We focus on Strata, with a long history in the industry, we have a unique whole portfolio approach that allows us to achieve superior purchasing power for each Owners Corporation.

Strata Energy’s holistic approach provides you with industry experts, that ensure you get the best outcome for your clients.

There are no hidden fees or charges, we are paid directly by the energy retailer and declare our commissions received.

We understand Strata

Facts & Figures

Proven track record

We have a proven track record in Strata and continue to grow our portfolio nationally.

What makes us

We pride ourselves on our Account Management services, that set us apart from other energy brokers.  We have successfully managed a 98% retention rate throughout.

100% Strata Focused

Our firm was created to support Strata. We understand the unique challenges faced by Strata and work with our clients to achieve the best outcomes for their buildings.

Ongoing Management

Our dedicated client management team makes sure our clients don’t spend any more time on energy and retailer enquiries. We manage all of that to ensure prompt responses and resolutions.

From Strata For Strata

We are proud to have team members who have been on the frontline of Strata as Strata Managers themselves.
We have a unique perspective that aligns with our clients.

Tailored Approach

We know that no two Strata firms are the same. Every firm operates in their own unique way, so we tailor our approach to suit our client’s needs. Their priorities become our priorities.

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